FromCrystalWithHeart spawned from FromJapanWithHeart. A blog about my journey to mastering Japanese and the mishaps along the way. FromCrystalWithHeart is my guide to life. Be it DIY guides, healthy recipes, travel hacks, raising multi-lingual kids, to product reviews + more lifestyle tips, tricks, and positivity.

We all deserve to live a life we love, why not have fun learning and finding our path together?

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About Crystal

International business major minoring in Japanese. I love branding, marketing, and advertising. I also love photography, traveling, writing, and sharing knowledge…among various other things!

Growing up I had an unhealthy obsession with Japan due to my family situation. Learning about Japan was an escape, just as reading which resulted in my overgrown collection of manga and other assorted books. Why did I change? I grew up, fell in love, and moved countries. Life changes us. Sometimes for the worse but usually for the better.