Backpack Challenge: How Much Will It Hold?

May 23, 2017

Hey! Today I’ll be completing a challenge with my new favorite backpack. If you haven’t seen it in the previous post, you can check it out here. Again, this post is also not sponsored.

This post is also not sponsored.


Pack all gear/business supplies.

I was nervous when I bought the backpack because I wasn’t exactly sure if it would fit the camera insert I owned but it all turned out well. Now to run a trail test to see if it’ll fit all my carry-on items. *After an internal debate I decided not to bring the Tokyo book since it actually added on extra unnecessary weight and will not be bringing an extra pair of clothing since the travel insurance I have covers lost/damaged baggage and clothes. That helps lighten the pack a bit since I’ll have to travel about an additional 1.5 hours after landing.

How much can you fit into your backpack?