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DIY Camera Bag of Your Dreams

March 18, 2017

Why spend a fortune on a camera bag?

Now that I have expensive cameras, I’ve found the need to have a special bag just for the two. While the Sony A6000 and Samsung NX3300 are small enough to fit in my small day bag on their own, there’s just not enough space or shock/water protection for both.

Hence this quick kind-of do-it-yourself bag.

You’ll need a large, square-ish bag.

You can either buy it or make it yourself. Which in the second case I’m horrible at sewing but this guide Ansel Camera Bag by Sara Lawson over at Sew Sweetness has what you need to hand make your own camera bag (including protective insert).

Since I’m a poor university student, I opted to explore the local Goodwill in search of the perfect bag. It took a total of 5 minutes to find the perfect bag for $3.99.

Now keep in mind if you buy a bag, that’s NOT a camera bag, it will not have enough padding to protect your equipment. Being the crazy genius that I am, this whole project could have been a failure if it weren’t for the fact all the measurements actually worked out.

After you procure the bag, measure the dimensions – keep in mind this should be a considerably huge bag! Mine measures about 14″ by 10″ inches with about a 5.5″ inch width.


Next, find the best fitting padded liner insert.

I bought this one from i-graphy on Amazon for $17.99. Of course, I did this before I had the bag or measured it and then went and blindly bought the bag.

Luckily it fit!

You’ll want to measure your bag and buy that before buying the camera liner insert. Once you have both your bag and liner, slide the liner in. It might be a tight fit like mine was but should fit fine if you measured correctly. If your liner is adjustable like mine, adjust it to the fit of your cameras and now you’ve just got yourself an inexpensive DIY camera bag.

Depending on your measurements, this is more than a camera bag, it can be used to carry various other things.

For me, all I needed was a bag that can safely carry both my cameras, passport, wallet, phone, a notebook, and pen. This fits that requirement perfectly.

Total for my bag: $21.98

DIY Camera Bag

Show me your bags below or tag me in a photo on social media!