Keeping it Real in 2k17

March 6, 2017


I’m writing you here from my sofa, wine in hand – yes I just spilt it for the second time. Not because I’m drunk (I’m not) but because bowl-shaped glasses suck and splash everywhere if bumped.

Anyway, I just rebranded FromJapanWithHeart to FromCrystalWithHeart.

Yay, right?

That means I can now write about more than Japan-related topics. Don’t get me wrong, I like Japan. There will still be some related content peppered in but living there’s not the main goal of my life. Especially since I married a French Canadian (Now also American *wink*). Basically, my life went from “I’m going to teach English in Japan when I graduate!” to “Let’s start our life in Canada!” (Have kids *cough* you know they’ll be F-ing cute *cough*).

I’m still going to study in Tokyo for 85 days this Fall. It’s a requirement to graduate and I need to go at least once. I’ll still share my opinions on the dreadful use of romaji and how to actually study the language…but I will also post about learning French, traveling, DIY projects, and all round lifestyle related posts.

This blog essentially outlines my guide to life so you can gain insight and hopefully grow as well. Never stop learning.

Why be boring? We only live once after all!

So I hope you join me in exploring this crazy world in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

À bientôt,