Life + Travel Quebec Edition

Life + Travel Quebec Edition

July 12, 2017

Over and over, I circled back rewriting this post. It’ll never be what I planned or wanted but I’ve decided to make the best of this post.

2am – June 20th |

We took a last minute Uber to the Omaha airport (OMA) in preparation for a 6am flight to Detroit (DTW) where we’d connect on a Delta/Westjet flight to Montréal (YUL). Back to Quebec, Raphael’s motherland and the country of addicting strawberry and cheese farms.

Side note: – Detroit airport is awesome. It has a tram…in the sky! Mind blown. It also has a creepy airport guy that records women with their phones. Are you trafficking bro? I saw you. The airline staff there were our favorite, they got us seats together despite arriving 40 min before take off on a full flight.

After arriving in Montréal, we breezed through immigration – which has always caused crazy anxiety from horrible past experiences with border patrol. Nothing like being questioned relentlessly for 2+ hours each time I wanted to visit Canada via car. Let a girl travel! Airport immigration and customs was way easier. The guy didn’t even look at me. It was awesome and restored my faith a bit in Canada’s immigration officers.

Right away, I pulled cash from the ATM just in case my card got locked. Y’all travelers know what I’m talking about. Less than a minute later I received a phone call from my bank’s fraud department. They could see I bought plane tickets and my name is as French as any French name, plus they know I travel so it’s just a huge inconvenience I always have to report to them. Let a girl get some Tim Horton’s and a bus pass, damn. I drop 5k+ in less than 24 hours on tuition and they don’t say anything. God forbid I take out $200 CAD at the airport.

Quebec Travel

After taking the bus to downtown Montréal, getting Tim Horton’s, and fixing my over protective bank, we went to our Airbnb. Funny story that also adds to the list of crappy things that happened to us will come in another post. Airbnb was prompt to fix everything and made the whole situation stress-free for me. Props to them!

We checked out Chinatown, went to the biodome, overlooked the city, and got unlimited sushi. Don’t forget the crepes! Unfortunately, my shoe died the first day from a rock and I had to buy a new pair. Luckily, exchange rates where merciful.

We didn’t get to check out the underground mall much, go to the island or get decent street shots because we didn’t have the schedule freedom like we provide others to roam. Basically why I’m so bitter and salty. Had so many great things planned for this blog and I was essentially cock-blocked at every turn. I can’t be creative or “in the zone” when I’m forced to explain every breath I take. Life is life is life is life, right?

Quebec Travel

On to Quebec

I managed to catch some decent shots and we were able to relax a bit. It was after all, our first real vacation since moving to the US in 2013. For the Quebec Day celebration they cancelled the fireworks due to non-existent rain and only did a small show for TV – ahead of schedule so we missed it. We’re not ones for the whole drunkard party scene so we were near the castle hotel when they went off. That’s okay! We had the 4th of July still.

Otherwise, we had good food and time with family. We went biking, picked strawberries (they’re so addicting), went to an inland ocean and walked around the city.

Hell, we even got to take a train back. Crazy thing is, my Dad was an engineer but not for commuter trains. It was my first time on a train! Raphael was not amused because he thought it was faster to drive and didn’t consider traffic delays.

I mean just check the trip out for yourself!