Pack for an 86 Day Trip - List Inc.

Pack for an 86 Day Trip – List Included

September 12, 2017

With less than 10 days before I leave for Tokyo, I’m rounding up all the things I’ll need to bring and making a list of others to get while there. There, unfortunately, is not one way to pack for a three month trip. You will need things I may not and vice-versa. Hence, take this post with a grain of salt. Unless you’re allergic to salt or going on the same program!

Yes, you could buy all of the below in Japan. However it’s easier to bring what you already own as it helps save money. Keep in mind that I’m also a photographer and YouTuber. So our camera needs may be vastly different. +Plus my flights allow for 2 free checked bags — not all do.


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I may have left some things out but essentially it’s enough to fill my backpack, carry-on, and half of a medium suitcase (which I have shoved into a large suitcase). To see the clothing I packed or my folding technique, check out the video below!

Now normally I would NEVER pack this much. However, as mentioned before, I have 2 free checked bags and am going for 86 days. I also don’t want to waste money re-purchasing things I already own while there. Technically I’ve been packed for the last few weeks but just now am finishing up and making sure I don’t forget anything.

Tell me, what would you pack for such a long trip? When do you pack? 🙂

Unsure if you need any shots to go to Japan too? Checkout what I had to get.