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Photo Books

August 12, 2017

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Making photo books didn’t occur to me until halfway through our trip to Montreal. After searching for the best deals and processing the trip’s photos, I finally put in an order with Mixbook. Originally I chose Mixbook because they had a good deal going on and their book dimensions matched my preference. i.e. Square.

Check them out!

I ordered 8.5 by 8.5″ softcover with single photos layout and 23 pages. After shipping and handling the book came out to be $21.98. Not bad for a book that will entertain for decades!
The paper is thin but durable with no bleeding from either side of the page.

The image printed was not as sharp as the photos uploaded and the text on the bound side was not printed despite including it in the design. This may or may not have been because I removed an unneeded page. The photos I used were a mix from my phone and Sony a6000, both printed with little noticeable difference.

Overall I have to give credit to Mixbook because of their wide selection of customization printed products. However, due to the price and me being a student, I went in search of another company. Why? I expect to print a ton from my solo trip to Japan this Fall and I naturally always go for the best deal+quality.

For this next trip I’ll be testing out Chatbooks. Chatbooks works off Instagram feeds. Now I don’t actually use my Instagram despite being obsessed with square images, but the awesome thing about Chatbooks is they have custom books and prints starting at $12. Sure sounds like a great deal to me! Especially because I can choose from 6×6″ or 8×8″.

Have you thought of creating photo books of your life+travels?

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