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Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

March 25, 2017

With Spring fresh in the air, now is the time for renewing and lightening yourself from the holiday season. Often we don’t just pack on the pounds, we also squirrel away gifts, papers, clothing, and other unnecessary things. Spring cleaning is more than just throwing out trash, it’s about creating a healthy living environment.

While I’m 90% done with my Spring cleaning, this can be done at any time of the year and each person gets the urge to freshen up their lives at different points in time. (For me it’s normally stress induced during semester breaks. Fun, yeah?) That’s why I decided to provide a handy checklist resource for you.

❥Download the Spring Checklist now.

It’s important to note that we’ve been motivated to simplify our lives by getting rid of useless, old, or broken junk that sits around without being used. Because my husband and I move so often, we’ve decided to make minimalism part of our lifestyle. Moving with a ton of things across countries can be a pain when there’s just too much stuff.

If you’ll be moving soon or just feel like you’re surrounded by too much stuff, I’ve added some tips to help you minimize what you own.


I usually start in the kitchen because that’s where the biggest and dirtiest messes occur.

  • Do the dishes:

Start with the dishes and cookware. If you live anything like me, odds are there’s zero counter space because someone *cough* husband *cough* promised to do the dishes for four days in a row and never did them. Get this under control first. Clean in rotations doing what’s in the sink first and then the surrounding counter tops.

If you’re also anything like me, you have too much stuff collected over the years! Get a box and place the cups, glasses, bowls, and plates you don’t need away into storage, a donation pile, or trash. If you can’t decide what you need, keep two of each thing for every person.

  • Clean counter + stove tops

This is pretty straight forward. Now that your space is clear of dirty things, scrub them countertops!

  • Organize the refrigerator + cupboards

Another straight forward task, clean out the refrigerator and freezer – throw away expired items. You may also want to organize your cupboards.

  • Clean the floor

Once you’ve done the above, clean up the floor. No doubt there’s some crumbs or stains from dropped food.

  • Do the laundry

This may just be a quick wash or five full on stuffed to the brim washes. If it’s not in a drawer or closet, wash it.

We often keep clothing that doesn’t fit or that’s stretched out and damaged. Even if you plan to lose the weight, keeping too small or too large of clothing takes up valuable space you could be using for items that fit and flatter your body. Take the time to make a giant pile of all your clothes.

Yes – all of your clothes, even socks!

Go through them one by one and place the ones that don’t make the cut into a trash bag. (These are damaged, unflattering, too big, too small, or not your style.) It’s okay to make a maybe pile but you must decide if you have a place for them at the end. You must either sell them at a garage sale, donate them, or trash them. You cannot keep them.

Note* this is a good time to separate your clothing by season.

Because Nebraska seasons vary so widely I just separate them based on winter and summer. If you’re cleaning in the warmer months (spring and summer), put the colder months (fall and winter) clothing into storage so that it doesn’t eat up valuable space in your dresser and clothes. This also prevents you from wearing too cold or hot clothing by limiting your choices.

I’ve gotten our clothes down to two winter trash bags and three summer trash bags. While it’s nowhere near minimal, it is a ton less clothing than we previously had squirreled away! We gave our parents four extra large trash bags full of clothes for them to sell at their next garage sale. It’s crazy we ever had that much.

  • Clean furniture + floor

Basically wipe down your dresser, night stand, and beat your mattress. Beating the mattress is not required but is good for all that pent-up anger of having to do all the dishes alone. It also helps get some of that gross dust out. Next, clean the floor & rugs if you have any.


  • Scrub toilet + bathtub/shower

Man, I’d kill for a bathtub. Unfortunately, I don’t have one so I’ll never be able to try those bath bombs everyone and their dog is going crazy over.

Anyhow, fetch your gloves, scrubber, and cleaner or baking soda and get to cleaning those grimy surfaces. Soak your shower head overnight in distilled vinegar if needed.

  • Organize toiletries

This includes everything in your bathroom from shaving gear to towels to toilet paper. Find a place for it.

  • Clean floors

Bathroom floors are disgusting if you have a man. No offense but men get piss everywhere, even if they sit like a lady. The wonders of being a single woman living alone – I shall never know.

Living Room + Office
  • Remove trash

These areas are pretty simple, like the previous rooms, clean up trash and remove unnecessary knick-knacks.

  • Organize

Tidy up your desk, tv, couch, coffee table or side tables/ottoman, as well as any other areas objects and trash tend to collect.

  • Clean furniture + floors

Dust your solid surfaces and beat cloth ones to remove built up dust you may not be able to see. Lastly, clean up that floor.

Why go through such a hassle every year, if not multiple times? Because a clean and tidy home makes for a happier and less stressful quality of living.

Personally, I also found I was happier when I owned fewer things and cleaning is the perfect time to purge clutter. It’s stressful to be responsible for so much stuff.

❥In case you missed it, you can still get the Spring Checklist.

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