Ultimate Backpack

Ultimate Travel Backpack: Personal Favorite + Recommendations

May 13, 2017


The first backpack – that I picked out myself – was a SwissGear, 10 years and counting and it’s still in use. It should be retired just by how much use and abuse it’s gotten but everything is still attached. My husband now uses it for school.

With the addition of new gear and need to travel often in the following years, I need a proper backpack. My current High Sierra pack just doesn’t have the space to fit everything I need for longer trips.

For me, it’s important to keep my camera’s with me at all times when on the move. I just don’t trust the luggage handlers – and for good reason – many of my checked bags have made it through 3 to 8 hour flights torn to shreds.

With our week trip to Montreal in June and my stay in Japan over Fall semester coming up, I went in search of the ultimate bag to meet all my needs. Chances are if you own a camera, I’m talking more than a simple tiny point and shoot, you’ll want to protect your babies too. If you own more than a point and shoot you most likely also own a very valuable – in the sense that it holds your work – laptop. Fitting a laptop and cameras into a travel bag as a carry on can be difficult.

We always worry about having enough cushion because bags and backpacks tend to get bumped and mishandled while on the go. While our gear is made pretty strong these days, we never can be too careful.

For people like us that need to carry more than just a laptop and cameras. I’m talking itinerary (this is a must when going through border control!), wallet, water bottle, notebooks, or books, plus few other things I can’t think of off the top of my head. This backpack is a beast of a carry-on and adventure backpack.


Note that I did not notice until just now, that I ended up choosing the brand I’d originally first chosen when I was 13.

Without further ado, the backpack I finally decided on was: the SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 (not an affiliate link) Sitting right around the $60, this backpack offers great bang for the buck. I have yet to use it through TSA and with the way the compartments are set up I imagine it’ll be interesting. **I’ll note back here in June once I’ve gone through airport security with the setup.

Just for your convenience, I’ll list a few below that don’t exactly work for me but may better fit your needs. It’s worth noting that I debated on each of these before settling for the SwissGear 1900.

If you’re looking for a backpack that covers your main photography gear needs, the Victoriatourist V6022 (not an affiliate link) is a plausible solution. I like how it has an individual compartment for your cameras – meaning you don’t need to purchase an insert to protect your gear. It can also hold a laptop which is a plus and is priced around the $60 mark as well.

Priced near $75, the Evecase Professional Large Travel Backpack (not an affiliate link) Has a slightly different setup and is a more pricier option than the previous two and also provides padded DSLR inserts that are removable. I like that you can change the inserts as needed. This is helpful to both those who have smaller gear and those who have larger gear.

With a price point of $?, This MO backpack (not an affiliate link) had so much promise but when I went back to debate the packs on my wishlist it was out of stock. I’m sure it can be found elsewhere online. Just look at that setup, it looks like it’s be perfect for carrying just about anything, anywhere.

Lastly, I had KSDA Laptop Business Backpack (not an affiliate link) on the lower end of the price spectrum at $36. This one is interesting because of its many uses. I had multiple handles, allowing you to carry it in a way that works best for you.

Are you in need of a new travel backpack or have one already? Show off yours in the comments below!